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Kano state – 7:30 PM – Getso, Gwarzo LGA, a former councillor, Ibrahim Nakuzama, has been shot dead by the Nigerian military after he stole a ballot box. A young passing girl was also affected by one of the bullets and she is currently receiving medication in a hospital. [Violence]

Nasarawa state – 6:11 PM – LGA: Keffi. Over-voting at Angwan Tiv 002, Gangaran Tudu ward, led to violence. The electoral materials and INEC staff were forcefully moved to the Ward Collation Centre. [Violence]

Rivers state – LGA: Khana. Ward: 10. Description: An SDP party member was reportedly shot and picked up by suspected thugs dressed in police and army uniform – and led by a politician. [Violence]

Enugu state – 4:55 PM – PUO32 & 033 Abakpa 1 Ward. Girls Secondary School, Abakpa. Description: The election was disrupted. [Violence]

Rivers state – 4:41 PM – LGA: Obio Akpor. Ward Code: 16. Polling Unit: Akpor Grammar school, Ozuoba 1 unit 15. Description: Thugs did not allow the PO to do proper documentation of results. The BVAS devices were also malfunctioning, so they were taken to Obio Okpor council. [Violence]

Lagos state – 4:30 PM – LGA: Eti-Osa. Armed thugs attack and injure ARISE TV journalist Opeyemi Adenihun and other crew members at Elegushi Palace. The crew’s drone and other equipment were also seized. [Violence]

Niger state – 4:29 PM – Ward: Minna South. Polling unit: Darusalam. Polling unit code: 041. A thug invaded the polling unit, causing a serious fight over the issue of over-voting. [Violence]

Rivers state – 4:29 PM – LGA: Obio Akpor. Ward: 17. Polling unit: 043. Polling unit name: Chinwota Open Space, St. John’s Ogbogoro Road. Voting ended by 2:30 pm. Afterwards, the INEC officials waited, and suddenly, thugs appeared and collected the BVAS device, leaving the ballot box there with the INEC officials. The officials left without uploading the results. The two security personnel did not intervene. [Violence]

Abia state – 3:50 PM – LGA: Umuahia North. Ward: Urban 1. Polling Unit Code: 099 Ama Ikodiya. Description: Ballot boxes have been snatched and everyone ran away for safety. [Violence]

Lagos state – 3:51 PM – LGA: PU39, Ward 2, Orile Oshodi. Description: Partisan party supporters distribute money to voters. One of them insisted on buying Maltina for our reporter in a bid not to report the inducement. For safety reasons in the hostile environment, he eventually took the malt and compulsorily hugged the thugs present at the scene. [Malpractice]

Rivers state – 3:34 PM – Unit 21 Rumuagholu. Thugs just invaded the polling station to hijack ballot boxes, while wielding guns, knives, and other weapons. [Violence]

Rivers state – 2:45 PM – LGA: Obio/Akpor. Ward: 9. Polling Unit: 13. Polling Code: 32-15-09-013. Description: The entire process was going smoothly until some guys came and carried the electoral materials. [Violence]

Edo state – LGA: Esan South East. Ward: 3. Unit: 6. Polling unit: Indinwe Primary School, Ewatto. Description: The votes have been counted and the Labour Party won. A serious fight erupted after a group of boys asked the LP agent to share money and eh refused. The boys carried the INEC bag containing the BVAS device and result sheet and ran away. [Violence]

Cross River state – 3:12 PM – LGA: Odukpani. Ward: 13. Polling Unit: 5 Miles Camp Dispensary. Polling Unit Code: 001. INEC officials have refused to count the votes, insisting that the party agents are yet to pay them and if that is not done, they will not count. [Malpractice]

Ogun state – 2:45 PM – LGA: Abeokuta South. PU22, Ward 13, Itori Odo. Thugs attacked voters and threw the polling units into chaos as the warring parties exchanged blows. While INEC officials and voters ran for safety, voting materials were destroyed. [Violence]

Bayelsa state – 2:00 PM – LGA: Sagbama. Ward 5, PU code 4. Polling Unit name: Ayetoro Wari. A man snatched voting materials and threatened to discard them in a nearby river. INEC officials handled the situation and got the materials back. [Violence]

Lagos state – 3:43 PM – LGA: Ajeromi Ifelodun. Description: Thugs attack voters in the Ajeromi Ifelodun area. Ballot boxes and ballot papers were thrown into drainages. The ballot papers are now being sun-dried. [Violence]

Zamfara state – 2:47 PM. LGA: Gummi. Polling Unit: 019. Ward: Birnin Tudu 002. Description: HumAngle learnt from Assistant Presiding Officer Bashar Aliyu that some political party thugs disrupted elections at the polling unit. The armed thugs said they stopped the election from going on because they were accused of being bandits. [Violence]

Enugu state – Time 2:30PM – LGA: Enugu South. Ward: 12. Polling Unit: Health Centre Akwuke. Polling unit code: 016. Description: A party chairperson slapped CODE’s election observer for refusing to collect money that was offered to him for his vote. [Malpractice]

Katsina State – Time 2:26PM – Matazu LGA. Ward: Matazu A. Polling unit 001 Description: Voters are being given ₦1000, a pack of spaghetti, and some yards of fabrics to induce them into voting for a party. [Malpractice]

River state – 2:25 PM – LGA: Phalga. WARD 5, Unit 032. Prior to the election, it was alleged that there was vote-buying at the ward by a ruling party candidate. Food and drinks were shared with INEC staff, security officers, and voters. [Malpractice]

Kano state – 2:00 PM – 2:00 AM – Dambatta LGA. Thugs have attacked INEC collation centre, destroyed election materials and injured dozens. [Violence]

River state – 2:00 PM – LGA: Phalga. WARD 5, Unit 032. Description: Prior to the election, it was alleged that there was vote-buying at the ward by a ruling party candidate. Food and drinks were shared with INEC staff, security officers, and voters. [Malpractice]

Kano state – 2:00 PM – LGA: Dala. Community: Bakin Ruwa. Thugs attempted to break up a polling unit HumAngle visited earlier in the day. They grabbed the stamps needed by INEC staff and made off with them. INEC was able to replace the stamps and voting continued. Counting should start here soon. [Violence]

Lagos state – 2:04 PM – LGA: Oshodi/Isolo. PU 07, Ward 02, Benson Samuel Oshodi. Though there are 750 registered voters at the unit, only 91 have voted due to suppression by thugs. [Malpractice]

Lagos state – 1:48 PM – LGA: Oshodi. PU11, Ward 2, Boladale Street. Partisan party supporters distribute money to voters with the threat of beating journalists and observers who capture the inducement. [Malpractice]

Katsina State – 1:37PM – LGA Mani. Ward : dagiyawa kofar gidan Mai unguwa. PU: 004. Violence caused by suspected thugs at polling unit [Violence]

Lagos State – 1:29 PM – Violence at Ojo-Ala and Oke-Afa Streets of Ejigbo as thugs disrupt voting processes. Soldiers have arrested three of the armed thugs. [Violence]

Benue state – 1:20 PM – Security officer kills one as thugs disrupt voting in Gboko South at polling units 026 and 004. [Violence]

Gombe State – Time 1:16 PM – Dukku. RA: Zaune. PU Code: 002. PU Name: Zaune primary school. Vote inducement by alleged party officials. Both cash and fabrics are being shared to voters. [Malpractice]

Rivers state – LGA: Obio Akpo. Ward 1, Unit 6. Description: The polling unit is scanty as a result of voter intimidation. The town crier warned people not to vote if their vote would not be cast for the PDP. [Malpractice]

Imo State – 12:57PM – LGA; ngor-okpala. Polling Unit; Community Central School, Orishi-Eze. Polling Unit Code; 015. Voting ongoing without security personnel available. Apparent vote buying by alleged APC and PDP officials. [Malpractice]

Kano state – 12:50pm – Chiranci, Gwale LGA. Suspected APC thugs broke up a polling unit at Chiranci in Gwale Local government area, snatching the ballot box and attacking several voters. Police arrived and chased them away, rescuing the ballots. One of the assailants was arrested. Two candidates, one from each major party vote in this area, which is thought to have brought youth entourages out on the street. Voters said they were confident voting would resume. [Violence]

Cross River state – 12:47 PM. LGA: Obanliku. Description: Military men have just restored calm at the Bebuenkayang polling unit after a politician brought thugs to disrupt the elections. Voting has resumed. [Malpractice]

Gombe state – 12:30 PM – LGA: Gombe. Polling Unit: Federal Low-Cost. Polling Unit Code: 008. Description: Votes are cast peacefully, but a lot of vote-buying is going on. [Malpractice]

Enugu state – LGA: 12:35PM – State: Enugu East Local Government. Mbuluowehe ward 006. Alulu Nike Enugu. Description: Vote buying currently ongoing at the polling unit. [Malpractice]

Abia state – 12:22 PM. LGA: Umuahia North. Polling Unit: Urban 1. Polling Unit Code: 006. Description: Some parties, especially APC, are sharing drinks and snacks with people. [Malpractice]

Kwara state – 12:14 PM. LGA: Moro. Polling Unit: Tepatan. Description: A sign of vote buying was noticed. But with the presence of security agencies, it has been stopped. [Malpractice]

Kano State – Nassarawa LGA, 12:20: Thugs have destroyed ballot boxes at two polling units in Gawuna including where the APC Candidate, Nasiru Gawuna, casts his vote. [Violence]

Rivers state – 12:16 PM. LGA: Asari Toru. Ward Code: 06. Polling Unit: 01. Description: No elections yet. Some group of men hijacked the materials to the council [sic] and they are currently there with military personnel. Nothing is happening yet. [Violence]

Bayelsa State – 12:14PM – Ballot papers were snatched. [Malpractice]

Gombe state – 12:08PM – Vote inducement with cash and gifts by unknown part officials.[Malpractice]

Enugu state – Alleged PDP officials are said to have sent thugs to disrupt the voting at Mbu Ward 1 polling unit ,but they were held and beaten up by youths of the community.[Violence]

Kano state – 11:42 AM. Government Girls School, Goron Dutse. Description: Heated arguments and scuffles broke out at a large collection of polling units as young men found fault with how INEC is conducting the election and got agitated. Police officers later arrived. Witnesses said they were APC youth deliberately trying to get the polling unit shut down, adding that vote-buying is very prevalent. [Violence]

Lagos state – 11:36 AM. LGA: Ikeja. Community: Omole Senior Grammar School. Description: Ballot boxes were destroyed as violence broke out at the school. A thug with a 2 by 2 plank threatened to break our reporter’s phone for capturing the ugly incident. He is currently hiding in a building beside the grammar school. [Violence]

Adamawa state – 11:30 AM. LGA: Yola South. Polling unit: Wauru Jabbe Primary Healthcare Centre. Polling unit code: 026. Description: Vote-buying is currently going on. [Malpractice]

Niger state – 11:26 AM. LGA: Suleja. Ward: Iku South II. Polling Unit: Rafinsenyi 1. Polling Unit Code: 005. Description: Some thugs seen with weapons tried to cause unrest at the polling unit, but security agents were called and everything is calm now. Everyone is voting freely due to the presence of security personnel. [Violence]

Katsina state – 11:14 AM. LGA: Mani. Ward: Muduru. PU: 016. Description: Vote buying is currently going on here. [Malpractice]

Enugu state – 11:10am – LGA: Enugu south. Polling Unit: afọr market ugwuaji. Polling Unit Code: 011. Description: Voting in progress. Vote canvassing and buying happening in this polling unit. [Malpractice]

Lagos state – 11:08 AM. LGA: Ojo/Iba LCDA. Polling Unit: Princess Eneni Street, Victory Estate. Polling Unit Code: 091. Description: The polling unit has been heavily attacked by APC hoodlums, with people sustaining injuries. Votes have been cancelled. I am currently in hiding. The hoodlums openly said, β€œIf you are not voting for APC, go home.” [Violence]

Niger state – 11:05 AM. LGA: Bida. Ward: Wadata. Polling unit: Ndanyako Primary School. Polling unit: 011. Description: Some thugs tried to cause a crisis, but the situation was handled by the security agents. [Violence]

Lagos state – 11:01 AM. LGA: Ikeja. Community: Omole Senior Grammar School. Description: Ebo (food sacrificed to idols) placed in front of the school in Omole Estate scared voters away from exercising their franchise. [Malpractice]

Kaduna state – LGA: 11:00AM – Kaduna south. BARNAWA ward 2. Description: Vote buying in polling units 13 and 17 by alleged party agents [Malpractice]

Niger state – 10:57 AM. LGA: Chanchaga. Ward: Tudun Wada South. Polling unit: Gbangbapi Primary School. Polling unit: 049. Description: The voting is going smoothly, but the APC party agents are busy buying votes while the police officer assigned does nothing. [Malpractice]

Katsina state – 10:40 AM. LGA: Mani. Ward: Dagiyawa Kofar Gidan Mai Unguwa. Polling unit: 004. Description: Some area thugs are trying to cause unrest at the polling unit. [Violence]

Bayelsa state – 10:30 AM. LGA: Sagbama. Ward 5, PU 5. Polling unit: Etuawari. Description: Voting is peaceful, but PDP agents are sharing soft drinks and biscuits with voters. [Malpractice]

Nasarawa state – 10:30 AM. LGA: Keana. Ward: Agaza. Description: Elections in many parts of Agaza were cancelled due to violence in some polling units. Ballot boxes have been destroyed. [Violence]

Akwa Ibom – 10:21 AM. LGA: Etim Ekpo. Ward: 3. Polling Unit: Lutheran Primary School, Atai Nto Obo. Polling Unit Code: 007. Description: Party agents fight over vote-buying. [Violence]

Abia state – 10:22 AM. LGA: Umuahia North. Polling Unit: Umuahia North. Polling Unit Code: 007. Description: They are currently fighting in my polling unit because an APC agent saw that they were not getting enough votes and started a fight. Update: The youths have taken them away and voting will resume soon. [Violence]

Enugu state – 10:17 AM. LGA: Enugu East. Ward: Ibeagwa/Edem. Polling unit: 003. Description: PDP members are not giving voters space to vote for their choice. There is rampant vote-buying at the polling unit, featuring both financial and material inducement. People are even refusing to vote unless you give them money and the turnout is very poor. If you vote, you write your name. [Malpractice]

Kano state – 10:08 AM. LGA: Ungogo. Polling unit: Rijiyan Zaki Government Secondary School. Polling unit code: 001 to 0014. Description: Voting has commenced, but some party agents are being abusive, thereby inciting rancour among other party agents. [Malpractice]

Sokoto state – 10:20 AM. LGA: Sokoto South. Ward: Tudun Wada B. Polling unit: 030. Description: As of 9:30 am, there were about four different fights between youths loyal to different parties. They fought with machetes and there were no security agents present to stop them. Voting has finally commenced properly. [Violence]

Adamawa state – 10:19 AM. LGA: Yola South. Polling unit: Wauru Jabbe Primary Health Care. Polling unit code: 026. Description: Party agents are fighting. [Violence]

Enugu state – 10:16 AM. LGA: Nkanu West. Ward: Umueze Ward. Polling Unit Code: 14-12-12-001. Description: Some individuals here are currently campaigning for PDP. A civil defence officer is working to put an end to it but to no avail. [Malpractice]

Lagos state – 10:15 AM. LGA: Ikeja. Ward 4, PU3. Description: Chaos at the polling unit over the late arrival of INEC officials. A lady engaged a police officer in a physical fight. [Violence]

Adamawa state – 10:14 AM. LGA: Yola. Polling unit: Aliyu Musdafa College. Polling unit Code: 011. Description: PDP agents are buying votes with large amounts of money right now in a secret place indoors. [Malpractice]

Bauchi state – 10:05 AM. LGA: Darazo. Polling unit: Almajiri School, Sade. Polling Unit Code: 027. Description: Some thugs disrupted the voting process, but normalcy was restored by the police. [Violence]

Katsina state – 10:05 AM. LGA: Katsina. Ward: Shinkafi B. PU: 021. Description: Voting is in progress, but there is vote buying, with each voter getting N1,000. [Malpractice]

Kwara state – 10:05 AM. LGA: Moro. PU: Tepatan LEA 001. Description: There was an attempt to disrupt the voting process, but, unlike during the last election, the security officers are up and doing. [Violence]

Gombe state – LGA: Gombe. Ward: Ajiya. Polling Unit: State Library 2. Polling Unit code: 012. Description: Agents of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) just arrived after they were called to investigate vote-buying at the polling unit. [Malpractice]

Gombe state – LGA: Gombe. Ward: Ajiya. Polling unit: State Library 2. Polling Unit Code: 012. Description: There was a heated argument between party agents, requiring the intervention of security personnel. [Violence]

Lagos state – 9:46 AM. LGA: Ifakojaye. Community: Karaole Estate. Description: Internal crisis between two Labour Party monitoring officers led to physical combat as one sustained an injury to the face. [Violence]

Rivers state – LGA: Akuku-Toru. Ward: Akuku Toru ward 1. Polling Unit: 7. Description: There is a bit of chaos here because PDP party agents were intimidating and forcing voters to vote for their candidate. [Malpractice]

Kano state – Time: 9:37 AM. LGA: Dala. Ward: Bakin Ruwa. Community: Aikawa. Description: Voting is going on peacefully. Some party agents attempted to delay the election by asking for people to vote openly, but the situation has been resolved, and people are currently voting through secret balloting. [Malpractice]

Gombe state – Kumbiya Kumbiya. Polling unit: Mijin Yawa. Polling unit code: 014. Description: Security personnel are on the ground, but some party agents are buying votes without being stopped by them. [Malpractice]

Gombe state – LGA: Gombe. Ward: Kumbiya Kumbiya. Polling unit: Mijin Yawa. Polling unit code: 014. Description: The election is going on peacefully, but some criminals are going around with naked weapons to frighten voters. [Malpractice]

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