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      Hafsat Sale

      “I encountered one of the Boko Haram leaders in the market last year, and he called out my name. My heart raced as he grinned slyly, assuring me not to worry as ‘we are now on the same side as Nigerians.’ Filled with fear, I hurried back home because I vividly remember the cruelty of that man who now roams freely and even frequents the market when he is supposed to be in jail; I no longer feel safe.”


      “All this time, I thought I was lying whenever I told that story, It’s strange to think I was right.”

      Zara Yusuf

      “I don’t know where to go since I was not given a house while others got them. I sleep in the market area. When you beg someone to allow you to sleep in their house, they won’t agree for so many reasons.”

      Elsa Alba

      “I thought I would get a good education and do a part-time job to support my poor family back in Garissa, but it turned hellish. The man used to beat me every day. He forced me to take one meal and introduced me to hard drugs.”

      Jude Abigi

      “Some people at my site believe what happened, and people are even afraid of me, anywhere I go, people would call me Mr Penis. I really felt very bad, but such is life.”
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